What is Touch the Pulse

* First, we build a virtual model to tap market intelligence. We can find out the market size, the where about of the market, and the competitions. We could also find out who buys and at what price points. Since it is a virtual model, we could continue to tap the market intelligence or we could remodel it to test other parameters. Targets may be either a physical product or a service.

* Second, we position the virtual model to reach high ranking in the search results. Contents will be added on site and off site to build up a sound selling proposition. Links will be enhancing both on the virtual and social fronts. This phase will require four months work and will put the brand at the top position in its category. With continuous specialized maintenance work, we will succeed in putting the client at the top of its class. The client will benefit by a continuous stream of enquiries and sale, assuming it has the right quality and price.

* In case the product or the service is not right, we will advice the client to make amends. There might be situations where the client will have to completely redesign their offerings to suit the market and we will help them out in the re-conception of their product and services. This might involve the creation of new intellectual properties.

* "Touch the Pulse" program can be utilized to continuously sense the market as it has a built in program to analyze the feedbacks from the market. It will also be able to sense a change in the market place as it uses advance analytics. All the sensing can be remotely administered and monitored with the clients free from taking charge. In this way, the client will be allowed to focus on the things that they are best at. Looked from another angle, the client will benefit tremendously by virtue of them having a professional partner to pilot its course in international trades.

* The market feedbacks are from legitimate and real buyers and not from postings to social media networks. There is a great difference between real buyers and people who only offer advice and "Touch the Pulse" is the only program capable of administering and collating real time market research information. Differences and variations in the buying pattern data collected for a long period will allow the client to predict future trends and thus allows a more efficient stock piling and a just in time procurement system.

With "Touch the Pulse", you get Market Intelligence, Top Search Ranking, Branding and Market Share all in one go!

"Touch the Pulse" is the only program that can make a REAL difference to your business! Get a quote from us now.