Johor Game of Drones franchise

fighting johor drones

You think you are good at flying drones? Well, maybe but how about flying drones to kill off the enemy drones? Ah...that is a different ball game! You will need to fly and evade your enemies because you will need to shoot them first before thay get you. Shoot and Evade is the game at Johor Game of Drones. Come and upskill your talent. Learn first shooting your enemy drones.

johor drone game
Johor Game of Drone is an outdoor game of skills and thrills. Multi-players scattered over a landscaped battleground, doing what they do best in shooting at each others drones, and at the same time trying to evade attacking drones controlled by radio signals. You need to be good at maneuvering and hunting your enemies who might swoop in to surprise you. Johor Game of Drone is the first of its kind in the world and is scheduled to have its first premier in Iskandar Johor.

doing drone battle at danga bay

Scheduled for first premier at Danga Bay, the first and only real time outdoor game play that will bring forth your Adrenalin up a notch. No less, real shooting game with laser rays to destroy your enemy, played on a specially designed landscape depicting war zone scenario. Would you be able to handle the drone and move in to focus lock your enemy and able to shoot at the same time? It needs real skills, no less. Come and test your ability at Iskandar Johor. The newest drone battle ground in the world!.

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