Take a look at the Bigger Picture

Sharing your little bit of data and gain the Bigger Picture of the whole thing. How is it possible?
Starting with you, we collect information about the buying habits of customers from your site and we feed the data into a central pool. Likewise with other players, data showing customer's habits is collated and fed into the central pool. As time goes, with more players feeding into the central pool, it becomes obvious that the data collected will be very useful in getting into an insight into market conditions around the world.

As a member of "Touch the Pulse" you will be given access to this vast knowledge base which can give you a better advantage to marketing globally compared to some one working in the dark! Just imagine what power you will have! And in real time too! We called this system the next generation market insight, brought to you in real time, analyzed with Big Data Analytics to give you that extra edge. It will also be able to help you predict what is coming. Would you not want to be a part of this fantastic system and be able to see what your industry faces, globally?